Our Fifty+ Year Reunion

Orinda Community Center

Sat., October 21, 2017

Orinda Country Club

6:00 pm — 11:00 pm +

No-host Bar* & Buffet

Sixties Music • Photo Booth

*No credit cards: Bring cash for the bar!

$50 per person. Make checks payable to Wendy Hall Read and mail to: 3406 Moraga Blvd, Lafayette, CA 94549

It will be a great party!

Here is a list of those who have already bought tickets and/or plan to come:

Class ’67: Jim Benney, Kathy Clark, Steve Clyatt +1, Todd Crawshaw +1, Tom Dewing, Michael Dorn, Gus Filice +1, Kathy Gruhler +1, Janis Haggerty +1, Wendy Hall +1, Tim Howe, Wendy McBane, Dave McDowell +1, Martha Mutch, Sherry Partell, Vicki Pezzola, Terry Rawson+1, Barbara Rust, Steve Tess, Claire Barkelew, Sue Bentson, Anne Doten, Sue Ferguson, Juli Gianti, Linda Grimes, Cyndy Hamilton, Margarita Jaramillo, Pete Jensen, Rex Scatena+1, Ken Thomas, Dan Walden, Sally Douglass, Denny Coleman, Sue Watson +1, Sue Baggerly, Margarita Jaramillo, Cecile Waterman, Karen Spinks, Marshall Snover +1, Jerry Texdahl, Jackie Singer+1, Chris Slattery, Tom Culbertson +1, Art Dawson, Frank Gimbel +1, Dwight Sigworth, Donna Snodgrass, Mark Locklin, Paul Gilman +1, Debbie Palmquist, Tim Windle, Donna Dobson, Jim Cunha +1, Mary Lou Kooyman +1, John Preston, Kathy Whinnery +1, Liza Maggini, Judy Rolley, Cindy Cambell, Adeline Ainsworth, Martha Mutch, Randy Strong +1, Jim Thaman +1, Anne Simpson, Sandy Beretta, Neil Donoghue, Kevin Madden +1, Mike Sherman +1 …

Class ’66: Sandra Eames-Day, Darrel Walker +1, Chuck Spinks +1, Sally Skinner, Jamie Armstrong +1, Leo Lieber, Wendy Thomson Shearer, David Watkins, Jan Eberhart, Candy Jacobs, Patty Mowry, Gail Valpreda, Cris Hammond, Mark Vota, Kris Hecathorn+1, Doug Peter, Keith Baugn, Chuck Hansen +1, Randy Jaeger, Tim Outman ...

Also: Tom Blackwood+1

More are coming. Check back. And call friends you want to see there!

The DVD "Reflections '67" — Click here for more information and to purchase