Ann (Frederick) Lewis

I really wish I could be at the festivities. However, my brother is being married in Colorado the exact same day. He is a Miramonte graduate, class of 1965.

I have been living in Vermont for 25 years.  When I moved here I was told there are two seasons in Vermont, winter and the 4th of July. Call me crazy, but I love it here.

I came here with my first husband, Bill Bradley, and my two children, Jonathan and Joseph. I was a full time homemaker, volunteering in the kid’s schools and the community.   I divorced in 1986 and, after a series of various jobs, I returned to college to earn my Masters degree in Special Education. I taught at a private day/residential treatment facility for emotionally disturbed children for 8 years until physical and neurological challenges disabled me. I married my husband, Ron, in 1994 and we started our home business, Computer Care, the following year. I wear the administrative and marketing hats, while Ron does all the technical stuff. We have a great arrangement – he makes the money and I spend it! My sons are all grown up now. Joseph, 30, lives in Seattle, and is working on his PhD in physics.  Jonathan lives in New York City and works for Carnegie Hall.

I hope this is what you want for profiles. I could, of course, write more, but this is synopsis. Have a great time at the reunion and keep me in mind for other ones.

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