Anne (Doten) Lamb

One daunting task of the reunion committee is to locate "missing" classmates. We have found quite a few and the most pleasurable part of this task for me was the chance to catch up with those who may not be able to attend the reunion.

After encouraging many of you to send in your profiles (and we thank you!), I can no longer procrastinate in sending mine.

Starting over at 57!

My husband retired in 1993 and after my living in the Bay Area for 44 years, we decided to move from Walnut Creek to Washington State. We moved to Sequim (pron. Skwim), a rural town on the North Olympic Peninsula, between Port Angeles and Port Townsend, south of Victoria, BC and on the Strait of Juan de Fuca. The home of my favorite Dungeness Crab, North America's Lavender capitol and only 16" (or less) of rain per year! I know of at least two fellow classmates who are interested in retiring there!

For 13 years, we enjoyed lots of new friends, even more golf, sailing and crabbing and many trips to one of my favorite cities, Victoria. We also did considerable volunteering in the community.

Then our marriage started going south, and so I decided to also. I moved back to Walnut Creek several months ago ending our 26 year relationship. It must have been the right decision because it feels as if I never left. All my family is here. My parents are in Lafayette (they just celebrated their 61st anniversary and also their Acalanes H.S. reunions - 64th & 61st) and my brothers and sister are all within 30 minutes. I have 4 Godchildren here and many old friends from my fundraising days for John Muir Hospital (now JMMC).  Kathi Gilbert Fazio, my best friend of MANY years and life experiences cannot be thanked enough for all her support these last few months.

When I'm asked where I live, I usually tell people that I'm in Walnut Creek, on a golf course with a nice view, and in a safe area with LOTS of nice people, close to downtown. And then I finally have to confess (ohmygosh, are we that OLD?!?) that it's Rossmoor! They actually "card" you before you can live here ! In all seriousness, it's incredibly beautiful and peaceful here with the flora and fauna and the most reasonable golf in Contra Costa County. AND... there IS life outside the gates ! And actually, I'm not the first of our class to live here and hopefully not the last.

The future holds promise, along with employment and most hopefully, another stint as a volunteer reading tutor for my favorite kids -  first graders. " When you struggle to read and write, words can't describe it." (unknown)

Growing up in Orinda with both sets of grandparents, aunts & uncles and cousins was a wonderful experience.  Going to school with the same kids for 12 years (I'm bringing old class photos, Saturday) by today's standards is rather amazing.

I'll see you at the reunion. And if not, please check out

There's no place like home - GO THERE!  



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