Bill Compton

Howdy to my fellow Orindans—

I won’t be attending the reunion, but in case anyone’s interested, here’s my synopsis of the past 40 years…

Inspired by Miramonte art teacher Michael Grbich, I spent five years at the California College of Arts and Crafts.  I still see Mike often in Montclair Village here in Oakland.  I tell him that he’s the guy who turned my life in the right direction and was therefore responsible for all the good stuff that came to me.  He always denies any responsibility (but he smiles when he says it)…

I was a housepainter for five years—I have nothing but respect for Jim Benney, who’s been doing it for much longer than I did—and eventually fell into my present gig, which is doing illustration for real estate offices.  Over the past 28 years I’ve built a nice little business out of my artwork and have enjoyed rubbing elbows with the real estate community, including Miramonte classmates Martha (Mutch) Holstlaw and Pam (Paul) Hoffman.  Come to think of it, I once illustrated a house that had been built by Jerry Texdahl…which just goes to show there’s no escaping my past!

Among the more interesting episodes of my life were the 20 years I spent doing Transcendental Meditation and the 15 years I spent as a Civil War re-enactor.  I know the two things sound mutally exclusive, but hey, it worked for me.  Though I no longer do TM, I am still devoted to the ongoing process of spiritual growth, through programs like Avatar and the Oneness Movement.

I have been married to the same wonderful woman (Kathy) for 28 years, no kids but we have lots of nieces and nephews and a great life here in the Oakland hills.

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