Bill Milton

Some might remember that our family had a ranch in Montana. My family and I are still ranching in Montana about 60 miles north and east of Billings. My wife Dana, originally from Berkeley, and I have three children. None of them are ranchers yet, but my daughter, a paramedic fireman in Connecticut, and her husband plan to return hopefully before I get too decrepit to hold the program together. One of our boys, Cameron, is an assitant Golf Pro at the Orinda Country Club (Go figure!) and our youngest son, Morgan, is the head chef for the convention center at Chico Hot Springs in Pray, MT. Along with managing the ranch, I am a facilitator/mediator, and I do a fair bit of community organzing around the state and in my local community and watershed. I chair a local community foundation and am still crazy enough to sit on our local school board. I do find interesting excuses to return to the Bay Area. I have been connected to the San Francisco Zen Center for a number of years, and just this May, my wife and I, found ourselves in the Berkeley Whole Foods doing an in-store promoting Country Natural Beef, a cooperative of over 100 ranch families scattered throughout the west. We soon plan to add a guest business to our ranch, so if you want a taste of Montana prairie, while catching up on old times, please don't hesitate to check in.

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