Bruce Payne

Hello class of ’67!

My wife and I will be celebrating our 36th anniversary in December of this year. We have raised two sons, Jeff and Eric. The picture shows my wife, Jeff (w/ glasses), Eric and my parents. Eric has gained a wee bit of weight since the picture was taken as he still has a 32” waist at 225 pounds. Both of our sons are active in their Christian churches. Both are commission salesmen. Wonder where that came from… I am a Manufacturer’s Representative and work for a small company called BQ Payne & Associates, Inc.(Yes, the name is totally coincidental.)

We live in Rosemount, MN and about 20 minutes from the bridge that recently took a swim. Both of our sons are married and Shirley and I now have our first grand son, Jack. We are hoping for more. Grandkids are a lot easier than children and a lot more fun!! Shirley and I show Bull Terriers. Jeff and I fly fish. And Eric and I enjoy “creeking”, a form of whitewater kayaking. Eric and I spent a week this past March paddling in North Carolina and Tennessee. That’s me w/ the yellow helmet w/ the face mask.

Shirley and I are in the process of deciding when we will build our next home, which will be in the Appalachians, in North Carolina. We are not ready to retire; however, we are definitely ready to slow down our work schedules and expand our recreational time.

We wish we could come back for the reunion; however, our schedule is not going to allow it this year.

God Bless you all!

Bruce and Shirley Payne

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