Buddy Grah

I’ve enjoyed reading everyone’s profiles so much that I decided to submit one of my own.  Unfortunately, I can’t be at the reunion, so I guess I’ll leave my (faulty) memories of high school intact.  I trust you all will enjoy yourselves in my absence.

After graduating from Miramonte, I went San Diego State where I majored in psychology.  I then entered graduate school at the University of New Mexico and earned a Ph. D. in experimental psychology in 1977.  I’ve been teaching psychology ever since at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN.  I even served as chair of the department at a time that our building and much of the university was severely damaged by a tornado – boy, was that fun!

Currently I live outside of Clarksville in the middle of a wonderful hardwood forest.  Outside of work, my interests have varied over the years.  At one time or another I’ve been passionate about cycling, running, soccer, volleyball, hiking, and sailing.  Currently I spend much of my spare time woodworking.  So far, all of my projects have used wood that I harvested and milled from my own property.  Best part, I still have all 10 fingers!

Although I’m no longer married, I do have two wonderful children who live with me most of the time.  They are Alina (11) and Rudy (8).  I feel very lucky to have them even though they entered my life fairly late.  Since my mother still lives in the house in Sleepy Hollow in which I grew up, my kids have a good sense of the environs from which I came.  I think we were all quite lucky to have come of age where we did.

For those of you who might be interested in saying “hi”, you can email me at


Have fun at the reunion!

Buddy Grah



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