Chris (Cee) Anderson Mattison

Hello All,

Forty years….ouch!  Note to self:  Re-read lyrics to Forever Young. Rewarding life here in San Francisco.  I do lots of volunteer work for student arts programs including S.F. Symphony AIM Program and am employed by the American Conservatory Theater as a choreographer/teacher, mostly for the Young Conservatory.  As of October, I will have been married 23 years. Stan and I have two lovely daughters, one of whom aspires to be a marine biologist /sculptor and the other is an actor/singer/songwriter, both still in college.  Lucky for me…..they could have been bowlers or Republicans. Sorry can’t make it to the reunion, but would love to hear from you. Jim Benney knows how to find me.

“May you always be courageous!”

Photo: Cod Hole, Great Barrier Reef, 2007. My daughter is the one with gills.


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