Dan Walden

The photo was taken Easter, 2004 in our backyard in Walnut Creek. From left to right, starting in the back:

David, now 27, completed his bachelors in history at UCLA and his masters in kinesiology at Hayward. He began full time work as an assistant athletic trainer in women's aquatics at Cal in July.

I retired from Bank of America mid-2003, flunked retirement, and returned to work full-time with California School Boards Association (West Sacramento) in August, 2004. I'm in my 19th year as a school trustee in Walnut Creek.

Anne (Woodside, MHS '70) and I have been married since April, 1973. She left her career as an x-ray technician a few years back, but continues to work part time in a friend's office in Concord.

Tim, now 24, is still pursuing his bachelors in psychology and working part time. For expert technology support, contact bobtheelf@elftec.com.

In the front are Molly the pooch and my grand-niece Kayla, who graduated from Las Lomas in 2005. Kayla is my sister's granddaughter and recently moved to Marysville, north of Seattle, to live with her dad. She was with us since June, 2000.

I look forward to seeing you all!


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