Frank Gillespie

Hey everybody, whats up! I'm living up at Clear Lake and loving the country life. I currently volunteer as the "Vice Chair" of the board of directors for the Butler-Keys Community District. We are 186 properties of fellow home owners and neighbors concerned with upgrading and maintaining our neighborhood.

My son is 19 now and living in Oregon with his mother and is doing very well! My daughter is 30 and with her boyfriend they live in the east bay and are very comfortable.

I lived through the motorcycle thing, bearly, but I still got a need for speed so I've been doing some local auto road racing around Nor-Cal. in my Van Dieman RF-85 Formula Ford.

I hope everyone is happy and having a good life! If anyone would like to stay in touch, please do. You can contact me; 707-998-9294 home, 707-484-3889 cel or

Later! Frank

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