Jack Kessler

HI good people. Nobody's changed, at least not much. I recognize Gus and Wendy and can almost see Todd -- great haircut, Crawshaw, nowadays they'll only give me a "halo" -- and everyone else on the list is looking very good too. (Hi to you, Benney, and pls say hi to Bardell: I saw Thaman not very long ago.)

And Fergie!, in la Suisse... Sorry, Jon, but that _is_ what we called you, back in the bad old dirt-clod-war days long before even Miramonte: Sleepy Hollow Elem.Sch. -- Brian & Buzz & Steve & Kit, as I remember -- the 50's, George Carlin says nobody remembers those.

Photo of me follows, taken at a happy picnic a while back: halo hidden --

I've spent a lot of time with the French French, in fact, not far from Lausanne: Lyon for a bit, Les Houches too, Annecy. I'm a correspondent for a journal over there: my writing is online at fyifrance.com -- login Oulipo password Opiluo -- English only, my French is ok but only when I'm not sober.

Mostly tho I'm alive & well in San Francisco. Janet and I married 29 years ago, on a hectic lunch-hour at SF City Hall. We raised two now-enormous boys in North Beach and Noe Valley, GWashington HS and UC: both currently in their late-20s, one a newly-minted mechanical engineer and the other a neurophysiolo-something -- when they argue now it's in "mathematics", which I've successfully ducked since 1963, G.McCain's geometry classes, so I'm just dumbDad and no longer have to listen.

Jan is a musician -- concert harp bigger than she is plus the piano -- very busy at both until she severed a finger tendon on a tincan a few weeks ago. Good UCSF surgeons repaired it, but the PT people now say she has to BEHAVE for 3 months and that is both tough and unlikely. So for a break she is publishing a story about urban coyotes, real ones: we have coyotes now in SF, where folks are either pro or anti -- we're pro.

After Miramonte I spent lots of years away: East Coast, Europe, importing handicrafts from strange places in south and southeast Asia. After all that I decided the best place in the whole world to live is northern California. When Asia got rich I changed careers to The Internet and became a semi-nerd: 1989, before W3 and It All Changed, ground-floor. Now I pontificate about things-digital and how the French & other foreigners Do It All Different: just try writing French or Chinese on an iPhone...

So I'm really happy to see this website. I can't be at the reunion. But anyone who wants to say hi always can find me online. Good seeing everybody.



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