Jim Thaman

Sorry I can't make it to the 40th reunion, but its a long story. I graduated from Berkeley in 72 in archeology, and took off for three years traveling around the world. Then used my precious diploma to become a cabinet maker. I built a house in the woods in Sonoma County and produced two children, Maya,age 30 and Justin 25, with my first wife, Bobbi. Maya is a singer songwriter, pianist who just called me today from Levon Helm's studio in Woodstock (I bet some still remember who he is, does anyone remember Rock n Roll?) where she is working on an album, and Justin is a happy surfer working for the State parks in Somoma County and living in my "wood butchers handmade house" in Caz.. I've moved out of the Cazadero woods after 30 years and now spend half the year in Bodega Bay and the other half in the southwest of France with my second wife of 6 years, Robin. She has been an artist all her adult life and is currently making films. I have had to abandon woodworking and become a mason, as I am restoring a medieval house in the small village we live in France . This is the 6th year we have been living the dual life and it becomes richer and more exciting all the time. When not working on the house , I try to find time for my passions of bicycling, motorcycling, and playing sax and bass with various friends.

Have a good party!

Top. Some french friends Mauris( the dark one) and Snap Dude dropped by to visit
Middle1.New addition to the family I rode back from Germany this year.
Middle2. Robin and I by the river Lot, Cajarc, France
Bottom: A flash from the past—India in 1973, in a village called Hampi.

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