Jon Ferguson

in fact i will be coming, finally...i fly into oakland on the 17th. as for pictures, i'm a computer idiot, but i was told there are a couple of me on google images. hope you can recognize me. let me know. i'm presently doing my 27 year old basketball camp for kids. we've had a thousand over 2 weeks. beaucoup de travail. the best, jon.

Note: As per a google search, these photos and info from an article was found about Jon:

Profile in Tribune de Genève, titled "Pursuing the American dream in Switzerland":

Jon Ferguson is a man of many talents. He plays and coaches basketball, teaches English, writes novels and paints. In a perfect American accent, even when he speaks French, the 58-year-old Californian can’t stop praising the advantages of living in Lausanne. It’s a city where the Swiss citizen by adoption has been able to pursue all his favorite pastimes simultaneously. Ferguson arrived on the shores of Geneva Lake by chance 34 years ago. He heard about Switzerland through his room-mate from college, who happened to be this country’s first professional basketball player. “I was going to do a doctorate in philosophical anthropology and then I got sick of all this academic work,” he remembers. Tired of American culture, he read a lot of French and German novels and wanted to explore the possibilities in Europe. He wrote a letter to his friend asking if he could make a living as a professional player and decided to give it a try. “I hadn’t played basketball since high school but I had this urge to play again,” he says. He turned up in Geneva with $200 in his pocket. He started playing for the Nyon basketball club a few days later.

Below: photo of nba mvp dirk nowitzki at my camp a couple weeks ago.

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