Kathie (Hartwell) Barr

I can't believe that it's been 40 years since we graduated from Miramonte.
Life has been a wonderful adventure filled with triumph and disaster. Here I
am at Machu Picchu on my honeymoon with the guide standing between me and
Jeff, the love of my life, my third husband better late than never!! We
hiked the Inca trail, and if you look closely, you'll see me sort of leaning
on those two hiking sticks. But, I did walk the entire four days, and it was
an amazing experience!!! The other people in our party were from Austria.
They were 10 years our senior, and practically ran up and down the mountains.

In the next picture you'll see me smiling because my daughter, Rebecca has
(thankfully) been away at McGill University studying early music for one whole
year. Just think, only three years left of private school tuition!! Jeff's
daughter, Jessica, is also college bound.... So, I'll labor on, with grace and
good humor. I'm fortunate.... good health, happiness, a garden to dig in, a
roof over my head, a viola in my hands and a song in my heart. I look forward
to seeing you all again.

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