Kim Olsen

Kim is now living on 12 acres in Red Bluff California. He tends to his chickens and goats, and enjoys hunting and fishing. It's a nice break from the 40 years of owning his own construction business. His house is full of collectables such as Betty Boop Figurines and Elvis Portraits, but in all seriousness he has some interesting finds. Even in the secluded land of Red Bluff, he's still the talk of the town making himself popular with the locals.

He has one daughter, Heidi who got married in 2004, and has produced two wonderful grandsons Aiden and Cody.

Picture 1: Kim doing his Johnny Cash impression

Picture 2: Kim's mother, Betty Olsen, Daugher Heidi and Kim May 2004

Picture 3: Cody and Aiden Trammell, Kim's Grandsons August 2007

Picture 4: Kim's a Grandpa, Kim holding Aiden, January 2005

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