Linda (Christie) Vittori

Some say that 40 years after high school we’re quite possibly over the hill. To me, that means we’re picking up speed. It’s been an interesting trek so far and I’m grateful I’m still here to look forward to what lies ahead.

After life at Miramonte, I finished two years at Chico State, got married, and had two children. Both have made interesting choices throughout their lives. The best part is our three grand children … Kryssi – 14, Todd – 12, and Jacob – 8. Our Terrific Trio is talented, witty, warm-hearted and good natured. Just when I think I couldn’t love them more, I do!

I sold real estate in Truckee and San Diego for nearly twenty years before jumping on the Microsoft band wagon in 1995. Since then, I taught Microsoft certification classes, wrote for Microsoft Press, supervised a Service Desk in a Microsoft “shop” and now I’m a Business Analyst providing application support for 700 end users. I’ve chosen work that’s allowed me to have lots of contact with people and to assist them attain their goals.

The most fulfilling part of my life has been my 20 year marriage to Gary. He’s kind, generous of heart, and a humanitarian in every sense of the word. I had cancer twice and when chemo claimed my hair, he shaved his head in support. Together, we rode our bicycles from San Francisco to Los Angeles three times to raise money for AIDS services and we’ve participated in seven 60 mile walks to raise money for Breast Cancer services. For Gary’s birthday last year I gave him a trip anywhere in the world he wanted to go. His choice? New Orleans! For ten days, we worked with Habitat For Humanity to assist in post Katrina disaster recovery. I don’t know what lies ahead, but as long as he’s at my side, I can’t wait!

It was wonderful beyond my expectations to celebrate 40 years later with you. I hope to see you again very soon!

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