Linda (Monroe) Toqe

It's funny because I used to hear about people going to their 40th high school reunion, and I would think to myself, "Wow! They're old!!!" Well, here we are, and it doesn't really feel like we're thaaat old now, does it!? OK.... so maybe we're getting up there, but after reading about all of you, it looks to me like we're still kickin' up a storm!

Looking back, a lot has happened over the years after leaving Miramonte and "the Orinda bubble"--UC Berkeley was a rude awakening to the dodging of tear gas between classes in the late 60s followed by a much quieter San Jose State for my elementary teaching credential year. I met and married Chuck who is from Philadelphia originally, moved to New Jersey close to his family for a little six year east coast adventure, taught school a couple of years there, had two kids, moved back to California, and had two more kids. After being a stay-at-home mom for 15 years, I landed a job teaching computer at, of all places, Del Rey School right back in Orinda! I'm just starting my 19th year--teaching kids, training teachers, and being the site tech support person, all on mostly a four-day-a-week job. It's a trip being back teaching where I went to school as a kid. The place even smells the same--except for no cigarette smoke in the faculty room!!! OK--classic question kids ask me--"What kind of computers did you have when YOU went here?" They can't even imagine a world without! And things were sure a lot simpler back then, weren't they?

We do look forward to retirement at some point, when we can figure out how to accomplish that. Our four kids are all grown now. Our oldest daughter and son are both through college, married, living and working in Redding and Valencia, CA. Our next son graduated from college a year ago and is traveling all over with his job, an interesting/fun lifestyle for a single guy. Our youngest son has one more year to go to finish his college career, and then who knows what he'll be doing next, but I'm sure it will involve singing, songwriting, and playing music.

Life has been good--as for the rest of my family, my mom and dad are in their 80s and moved to Brentwood just a few years ago, after 47 years of living in Orinda. They are enjoying the warmer weather there! My two younger sisters and their families still live in California, one in Forest Ranch above Chico and the other in Malibu.

Looking forward to seeing you all at the reunion! I still think Orinda is a special place!

The pictures are:
1. Chuck and me on a cruise in the Northwest last fall.
2. Our whole gang: left to right--Kevin, Brian and Kim, Linda and Chuck, Shawna and John, Adam


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