Mike Davis

40 years! It seems like someone else was living in those days. I have fond memories of Miramonte and living in Orinda. Standing in long lines at the Orinda Theater to see Goldfinger or hanging out at Rheem Bowl. It was a wonderful place to spend the most memorable part of my life. And for those of you still living in the area--how fortunate you are. My parents divorced in 1974 and both left the state. My Dad to Hawaii and my Mom to Tennessee. So my main ties to the area were severed.

My college years were divided equally between the University of Colorado and Chico State. I went to work in 'Corporate America' right out of school. I worked all over the Bay Area and even spent a couple of years in Eureka. However I seemed to pick doomed businesses and have been involved with 3 that have gone bankrupt. So I have had to reinvent myself. Now I am an independent sales rep for a wholesaler out of Sacramento and also work in the advertising department at the Sacramento Bee.  My beautiful wife, Grace, and I just celebrated 23 years of marriage and we are the parents of 16-year-old twins, Sean and Charisse (that's Charisse standing in front of me). We have lived in the Placerville area for the last 14 years and love it up here. We have property and animals. My two will be Juniors this year and it seems their lives revolve around cell phones and My Space. How did we ever survive? And relate stories of my high school years--forget it. I thought I was pretty good at Algebra until I started helping with homework--and getting blamed for the grades.

Sorry I couldn't come up with a good picture of myself. Actually, I don't think there is one. Even though my wife can't make it, I plan to be there on the 18th. I hope there is a big turnout.

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