Peggy (Sheehan) Dow

I'm having fun looking at all those who sent something in; then, of course, said to myself, "what's stopping you?" So, OK, here's a couple of of the family from a trip last year and one taken about a week ago when Betsy Brock was up visiting.

The only personal details I can add is that I'm currently hanging out (and painting) in Hansville on Puget Sound, about 30 minutes and a ferry ride from Seattle. After a long career in design and illustration, I spent the last eight years teaching art and stagecraft to middle and high school kids in Seattle. Still happily married to the same guy after 28 years and enjoying two great daughters living out of the house! Isn't that the goal? The whole family is involved in wine in one capacity or I'm just a consumer.

I'm truly sorry I'm going to miss this coming reunion. My sincere appreciation to you and Jim for providing all the contact info...what a fun time I've had hearing from some old pals I haven't talked to in decades! I promise to come down for the big 50th.

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