Steve Clyatt

My wife and I just returned from a short vacation to Norway… and I find there is a “homework assignment”… a synopsis of “the present”… due by tomorrow.  I wouldn't have written this until the night before it was due anyway… nothing has changed since Miramonte.

Ever since leaving Miramonte/UCLA, among other things, I’ve been flying... a few years instructing Air Force pilots, a year flying a Lear Jet for a corporation and now over 30 years flying for American Airlines. As a 777 International Captain I fly from my “base” of Los Angeles to Tokyo, or to London, about four times a month. Retirement is less than 21 months away… but who’s counting? I still love flying... just had about enough of "the environment."

About 5 years ago I developed a passion for paragliding and powered paragliding which left little time remaining for my former interests of skiing, dirt bike riding, camping, fishing, etc. And so now, when the weather conditions are right, I can often be found hanging from a large sheet with a 2-cycle motor driven propeller strapped to my back. Perhaps it is defiance... I just can't stand being bound by the "surly bonds of earth". Flying a powered paraglider is about as close to riding a "magic carpet" as you can get.

40 years since leaving Miramonte? It sure doesn’t seem like it! Some say time flies when you’re having fun… we all must be having a lot of fun. As we approach 60, doesn't 60 seem middle aged? Still wondering what I'm going to do when I grow up... all the time realizing that this life is not a "dress rehearsal".

My wife Joni and I have lived in the Sierra foothills off of I-80 between Auburn and Colfax, in Meadow Vista on Combie Lake, since 1983. We love the location; above the valley fog, yet below the mountain snow, close to both the mountains and the city, but away from the “rat race”. Within the U.S. it is hard to beat Northern California. We travel for pleasure but often, upon our return home, other than the need to expand our experiences, we wonder why we left.

We have two married daughters, one living in Southern California and one living in Florida. One of the few downsides to living where we do is that we do not see our family very frequently… and our grandchildren will be having their 40th H.S. reunion before we know it.

My sincere thanks to Jim, and to the others, who have expended the time and effort to organize the reunions. My thanks to all of you that have shared your version of “the present” with us. To everyone: Be well, have fun, be happy. Looking forward to seeing you on the 18th... or ten years from now.

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