Steve Schnugg

Sorry I can't make it to the reunion. Scheduled to work that weekend, and have a fishing trip to Alaska over Labor Day, so with partners' summer vacations, no way to switch.

Spent 9 years in LA, then 10 years in Ventura County, and the last 17 in Medford, Oregon practicing cardiology. It's been a great career and I'm still enjoying it, as long as I can do it my way, which largely means when I want. Only 1 wife, Cathy, who I met at UCLA, of 32, maybe 33 years. 3 boys, now men or almost, all living in or around Atlanta, for some reason. No grandkids or even daughters-in-law yet.

Never amounted to much on the tennis court, but I'm still playing singles twice a week and sometimes mixed doubles on the weekend. Been fortunate to have kids who know how to play, however, taking us to the US Open in New York, Wimbledon and the NCAA tennis championships last year. Strong urge to brag about children now successfuly suppressed.

My innumerable siblings are, thanks to God, all healthy. We have a ball following the exploits of all our kids. Even my parents are still alive and well in their mid-80's and still living at the homestead.

Almost ran into Jan Bottjer, who is teaching in Portland, last year. I took care of his father-in-law during an illness in Medford. He now goes by "Yon", by the way. Rather than his name, he left a message with a nurse alluding to a yellow 1957 Ford convertible that my father had owned around then. Sorry I missed him, and hope he makes it to the reunion.

I have so many fond memories of so many of you, and on the occasion of this anniversary acutely feel the loss of relationships I have not nurtured. Thanks to Anne Doten for chasing me down, God bless you all, and have a wonderful time.



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