Stuart Cambell

Yikes: 40 years! Once I could never imagine being 40 years old, much less 40 years from a reunion of any kind! Miramonte life morphed into college life at UC Davis, then med school at Tufts University in Boston. While there, I was resolute that I would resist acquiring the New England twang!

I married my college sweetheart Paula in 1973 and returned to SF for Internal Medicine residency before private practice for 12 years in Grass Valley, CA . Three kids later, I  entered the field of Emergency Medicine and have practiced in Auburn, CA since 1992, writing college tuition checks to the UC Regents ever since, with one year left for my youngest, Stephanie at UCSC. Chris graduated UCLA law school this year and Jessica, working at UCSD Med Center, married last fall. My Paula has now climbed her ladder having been elected VP of the California School Board Association.

Backpacking, biking, and downhill skiing have been my outdoor passions, and I still work to pay for the equipment. Come visit me at Alpine Meadows this winter where I have been on the Doctors Patrol for 29 years! I am a far better skiier than a hurdle runner: OUCH!

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