Tom Culbertson

Hard to believe another 10 years have gone by since the last time I wrote about life post-Miramonte. Life is still good, still living in Spokane (eastern Washington) where not much has changed, although we are now empty-nesters. Colleen (26) is starting her second year of law school at Yale, enjoying it very much, and somehow finding the scarcity of law jobs not much of a problem. Bruce (23) graduated from Princeton in June, is now working in a lab at UCSF doing cancer research, and eventually plans to go to medical school. The fact that he is in SF has something to do with the fact that we actually plan to show up at the 50th reunion!

BruceAnn and I are playing tennis again (only this time around I don’t have to run “the Hill”), we still love to travel, hike, bike, ski (increasingly XC) and watch Gonzaga basketball and Sounders soccer. Our newest adventure is kayaking. I’m still working full time (why??), and I still put 2500+ miles on my road bike every year. Pictures are the kids and me on Maui, BruceAnn & the kids on a family hike in the Washington Cascades, BruceAnn and me bike-tripping in Italy, and a kayak outing near home this past spring.

See you in a few weeks!!

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