Top 10 Reasons
Why You Should Come to the 50+ Reunion:

10. Whoever travels the farthest will win a trip to Paris. (Sorry, not true)

09. This is not Reality TV. It's not a competition. No one wins. No one loses.

08. School was a time to learn & grow; now is a time to contemplate diminishing returns.

07. We are the generation of Woodstock. The comic-strip bird too. Tweet, tweet, tweet.

06. We are stardust. We are golden. And old. Get over it. Be happy you are alive.

05. You don’t remember the Sixties? There will be flashbacks. Hopefully good ones.

04. Pretend to be someone else. No one will likely recognize anyone anyway.

03. Social media can be entertaining, but not as entertaining as mediating socially.

02. True, we are all circling the drain, so why not circulate together?

01. It will the best party ever. We guarantee! (Sorry, we can't legally say that)*

*The reunion party will be fun and a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Be there!